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" - Helping Santa check the list in your favour since 1881..."
Note: This process is in development. Critical fields are marked with a red asterisk (*), everything else is optional. The more detail you provide, the more personalized the letter. We will not use any of the data you provide for anything other than generating the letters.

* Child's Name Boy * Girl *

Did the family move this year? Yes "I didn't lose track of you when you moved...."
Do you have a chimney? Yes "...Don't worry if you don't" /
"...Don't build a fire if you do..."

Zip code:   (Unused for now, later we'll check the local temp and mention if it is cold enough for snow on Christmas Eve yet or not...)

The rest of the data is optional but it really helps the letter's personal touches. Enter up to 7 siblings, friends, etc. If you include the sibling's older/younger information, the letter can read "Be nice to your older brother Bill" instead of "Be nice to Bill"...

And remember, Santa only needs first names...

 Friend: Non-family member (best friend, etc.)
 Pet: Pet's Name (Spot, Fido, Killer, etc.)
 Family: Non-sibling family member (Relative in for the holidays?)
 Wishlist Toy: Casually mentioned as being in Santa's sleigh...
Note about the Wishlist Toy: make sure the entry is plural (drums, not drum) because Santa will be loading several of them into the sleigh

The next part (email response) isn't active yet.
The original thought was to let the kids write back to Santa (and we email you the letter) but that part isn't written yet and lots of folks hate putting in their email addresses (SPAM is year round...) -- We understand that and even though we're not going to use/send/sell/etc your address, if you'd rather not put it in, that's fine.

However, if you do, make sure the kids can't read the email for that address! Otherwise they'll ask why you're reading Santa's email.... come to think of it, why are you ? Oh yeah, you're one of the helpers. Okay, nevermind...

Your email:  

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