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Sample Letter
April 21, 7:04 NPT
Dear Danelle,

     The Elves and I were talking and have determined that, since our next trip isn't for another 248 days, we could spend a little time cleaning up before we start up again. Now that doesn't mean you shouldn't still behave, Danelle, the elves are still helping me keep my list. We'll still be keeping our list and we're hoping you will be a good young lady all year so we can bring you more toys this year, too. In the meantime, keep an eye out for more toys like Dora dollhouses and send me letters throughout the year.

     I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. (Did Calvin find Santa's gift?) Have a safe and Happy 2021, Danelle, and be sure to be a good young lady this year!

     Merry Christmas to you and your family. We'll see you this winter!

Until Christmas,
            St. Nick
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